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Wood Burning Cook Stoves
Amish Solid Wood Furniture, Custom Solid wood furnitureWood burning cook stoves

Amish Cook Stoves from Tschirhart's

Airtight Wood Burning Stoves:

Wood stoves have made a big come back in recent years due to the rise in heating costs and gas prices, while wood remains at a fairly cheap price. Many people continue to be drawn to the crackle of the wood or the deep penetrating warmth. Wood stoves have a way of making people feel right at home.

Many worry about possible hazards associated with heating with fire. In keeping with the advancements in wood burning technology, today’s wood stoves are designed to be safer and to burn wood more efficiently. They not only meet, but exceed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards, assuring an environmentally-friendly, highly-efficient heating source. New wood stoves qualify as zone heating units. Following safe precautions can eliminate all possible hazards. Checking with local fire regulations and even insurance agents can be a good source for precautionary tips.

Today, wood stoves produce a low-cost heat that helps protect winter air quality and reduces the threat of global warming. Wood stoves still prevail as cozy centerpieces around which families gather, creating a relaxing, stress free burning environment and a nice way to bring back nostalgic memories.

Many also choose to use wood cook stoves, as an alternative to gas and for heating their home. New Cook Stoves have enough room to cook 6+ loaves of bread and provide sufficient heat. Wood cook stoves may be an option for you. Wood burning ovens may provide you with extra options for one price.



Margin Gem

Supper Time Stoves

Pioneer Princess Wood burning Cook Stove
- Pioneer Princess

Pioneer maid Wood burning Cook stove
- Pioneer Maid

Cunningham Wood Burning Furnace
- Cunningham

Bakers Choice Wood Burning Cook Stove
- Baker's Choice


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